The branch registration service allows an entity based abroad to create a permanent representation in Portugal.  

The branch is the extension of the foreign company (parent company) and represents its interests in Portugal. The branch does not have its own legal personality but carries out the activities of the parent company or part of its activities.

Entities based abroad that can create a branch include:  

  • Commercial companies
  • Civil companies in commercial form 
  • Cooperatives 
  • Complementary groups of companies  
  • European economic interest groupings. 

Attention: Entities based in Portugal cannot create a branch. 


On the Online Branch service, the following entities can create a branch:

  • civil companies in commercial form
  • single-member private limited companies
  • private limited companies
  • public limited companies.


Who can request

The representative of the foreign company

The representative must have a Portuguese Tax Identification Number (NIF) and be over 18 years old.

Legal Profissional

Lawyer, Notary, Solicitor.



How to request

To create a branch or permanent representation in Portugal, you will need:

  • To identify the representative(s) (one or more representatives can be indicated). All representatives must have a Portuguese NIF and be over 18 years old.
  • The document proving that the person making the request has the authority to create the branch
  • The corporate resolutions approving the creation of the branch, the appointment of its representative, 
  • To declare that the representative accepts his appointment and is not aware of any circumstances preventing him from taking up the position
  • The document proving the legal existence of the entity that wants to create the branch (commercial registration)
  • The social contract or statutes of the entity that wants to create the branch.
  • Declaration of effective control.

If the documents are written in a foreign language, their translation must be provided.

How to request online

  1. Access the online service 
  2. Choose an authentication method: Citizen Card, Digital Mobile Key, Digital Certificate of Legal Professional, European Authentication (eIDAS)
  3. Fill out the form and attach the necessary documents
  4. Pay (Multibanco or credit card).


When to request

Within 2 months after the resolution of the parent company.

If the request to form a branch is not carried out within two months of the deliberation approving the formation of the branch, there is an additional fee.

Where to request


In person, at a Registry counter.



Online Request In-person service
Normal request: 170,00 euros 200,00 euros
Urgent request: 370,00 euros 400,00 euros

What happens next

After submitting the online request:

We provide the payment document

The payment document is sent to the email and can also be accessed in your reserved area.

We will review your request

Your request will be reviewed, and if there are no discrepancies in the declared data, the registration will be approved.

If the registration is successfully completed, you will receive an email and access code to the electronic company card. Subsequently, you will also receive the physical company card, free of charge.

If there are discrepancies in the request, you will be notified and have 5 consecutive days to make corrections. Correcting discrepancies incurs an additional cost of €30.00

If you do not correct the request within the deadline, the registration may be approved provisionally or rejected

Automatic communication to the Ficheiro Central de Pessoas Coletivas (FCPC)

The creation of the branch is automatically communicated to the FCPC.

You will receive the Social Security Identification Number (NISS)

Beneficial Owner

You must declare the beneficial owner within 30 days after registering the branch.